JoAnn and Dave in front of their new home

Our Birthday wishes to you, on this Special Day

Happy 60 birthday!

Dear Mom,

Happy 60 birthday!

 Milestones like that have a funny way of inspiring reflection even when the milestone is not your own. And it is amazing to think about all the twists and turns that go into six decades of life.

Years ago, I'm sure you never would have predicted all the ups and downs four boys might bring _ heck, you might not have even anticipated that life would bring you four boys. The destinations of Scottsbluff, Neb., and northern california probably weren't envisioned much ahead of time either. And even though you'd dreamed of becoming Doctor Funk, you might not have always thought that attainable. But no matter what came along in life, you found a way to carry on with compassion.

Thank you for the example you have set in my life and for everything you have done for me. I hope you're able to enjoy your 60th and look forward to the next chapter in life and whatever that might bring.

With love from your son,

Your Well Wishers...

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