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Birth Date: April 6th, 2003 at 1:06 AM MDT
What did we have: A boy
(It was a surprise until he was born)
Baby Name: Tobey Wayne Switzer
(Another surprise, and no, we were not able to work "Twizzler" in there, but he will of course share in the family nickname)
How is Carrie doing?

Amazing. She's over her disappointment of Tobey refusing to come into the world early, and full of energy and vigor. As she says - she's happy to be "unpregnant" again.

We completed 3 baby classes at Swedish Medical. The classes covered learning how to breathe during contractions, baby safety - including how to give a baby CPR, all about the birthing process.

Hospital: We delivered at Littleton Hospital, which is off of C-470 and Broadway. Thanks to all who came to visit, and we're sorry we weren't able to let everyone know, as we kept our stay there fairly short. We'd much rather you visit us at home anyway!
Predictions: Check out the final version of the baby prediction list from the family.

Amy and Brian Matthews


Amy and Karl Lagler

Baptism: May 4th at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

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First Birthday (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Walking (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Truck Pushin' (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Duck (3.8MB AVI) or streaming

Doing the Wave (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Computers are interesting! (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Crawling at you (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Puppets - Christmas Day (3.7MB AVI) or streaming

Flailing (3.8MB AVI)

Phone for you (3.8MB AVI)

Rollin' (3.8MB AVI)

Pick me up (3.8MB AVI)

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Tobey's here!

Shower at Jensen's

Carrie's new Rocker

Registering at Babies R Us

Baby's room - the crib

Ultrasound #2

Ultrasound #1

We appreciated your prayers and thoughts regarding the healthy and safe pregnancy,

Alan, Carrie, Ashley, and Twizzler


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