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2nd Ultrasound

More pictures, from our second ultrasound. These pictures was taken on October-25, two days before we left for Florida. The baby was about 16 weeks old. Our doctor's office has the ability to take pictures in 3-D, so the last several were taken with this special device. The best news was that the doctor's office called after examining the photos they took from the hour session, and everything looks good with the baby so far!

Junior kicking back in "lounge" position - the torso, and right leg are visible.

Junior flexes the teeny tiny bicep - hey, either gender can do this! :)

Junior's face, with hands balled up underneath the face. The white spots on the head look like eyebrows, but they are just the way the facial bones appear during the ultrasound.

Junior in 3D.
Either Junior has a headache, or is saying something to the effect of "Oy, veh!",
from so many pictures being taken.

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