Happy B-Day Dad!

My Dad – aka “Pops” celebrated a “round numbered” birthday this past Tuesday. If you haven’t already had a chance, and you see him – wish him a Happy 60th Birthday! Don’t worry, with the long standing tradition of extended celebration – birthday, birthday week, birthday MONTH – you’re hardly ever too late.

For the birthday evening, I took my Dad to the Nuggets / Cavaliers NBA game. For those of you not in the know, this was one of the biggest events of the year, posing our top rookie pick (Carmelo Anthony) against the #1 pick in the summer’s draft. (LeBron James) Actually the Nuggets are rapidly becoming a hot ticket on every night! The game was entertaining, the Nuggets won, and my Dad and I had a great evening spent as father/son.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the virtual card that his loving family put together for him thru their own words and pictures:

This weekend, we’re taking the celebration up to the mountains (near Copper) for a night, so I added some pictures from that event.

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