Tobey’s 1st Nuggets Game

Carrie and I took Tobey to his first Nuggets game tonight at the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver. The Nuggets had a tough loss to the Sonics but otherwise, it was a wonderful night.

Tobey had a great time, and stayed up extra late to see nearly all of the game. He sat on my lap or Carrie’s for most of the evening as was mesmerized by all the people, lights, players, jumbotron and cheerleaders. He jumped several times when the sound system pumped up some song suddenly to rouse the crowd. Never fussed once, and fell fast asleep on my shoulder on the walk to our car. That’s my boy. 🙂

Enjoy the photos below, and if you are interested in learning more about the Denver Nuggets NBA team, head over to (My longtime fan website)

Before the game, at the Smith’s party
Dad, my nose is red – let’s get inside!
Carrie and Tobey, just outside the Pepsi Center
I’ll grow into this thing in a few seasons… go Nuggets!

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