26th Bolder Boulder

Another year to give thanks for the men and women who have died defending this country and freedom everywhere.

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day last weekend than running the Bolder Boulder 10K with family? After I’ve run this race at least 15 times now, I really wouldn’t know any other way to spend it!

I missed running with Amy and Brian this year, but Mom and Dad both ran and did well. We stayed in Boulder the night before so we were ready for the early start. Tobey had given both Carrie and I a cold on Friday, but he thankfully slept thru the night on Sunday and I felt better when Monday morning arrived.

I ran this year’s race in 52:52. I felt like I could have run a bit faster if not for the cold, but as always, its just great to finish the race. Thanks to some extra pre-race training this year, I at least had a very quick recovery and no sore muscles. 🙂

Amy, Christian and Anslee Dickerson also joined us in Boulder afterwards, and Amy ran the race. We enjoyed a bbq on the back porch under Mom and Dad’s brand new awning. The shade was very nice!

Check out the Bolder Boulder website, and let me know if you want to run it next year!

Enjoy the pictures from Memorial Day:

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