Fun with Flickr!

I’ve recently discovered a wonderful new website –, which takes online digital photo sharing to a whole new level. Okay, actually, I’ve known about it for several months now, but finally took the time to check it out in the past week.

There are two cool things that separate flickr from other photo sharing websites, such as and The first is the fact that flickr is refreshingly devoid of commercial slant – it does not try and help you print your photos, leaving that to the aforementioned websites. Also, flickr is free (although there is a paying option if you want more than the generous free account allows) and they require only an email address to setup your account. It’s hard to find such a useful service that requires so little from you on the internet these days – you can literally have your account setup and ready for use in less than 60 seconds.

The second is the incredible public API that Flickr has published which has led to some exciting third party apps that have been made available. Below are links to a few of my favorites. If you want to see someone you recognize in most of these examples, you can use the tag “tobey“. 🙂

Postcard Browser
Spell with flickr
Color Picker
Flickr Maps
Flickr user Graph
Flickr Album

I’ve already converted the lower right area of my homepage to display random images from my Flickr account. Hopefully in the next few months, you’ll see a new app to add to the list above that I’ve written!

So, many of you have already created accounts so you can see the photos that my Dad and I have uploaded that are only viewable by family and friends. You may not realize how easy it is to upload your own photos. If you have any digital photos on your PC, just sign in to flickr and click on the Upload link. Click on the first Browse button and navigate on your PC to the folder where you image(s) are located. Choose your privacy settings (Public, or just visible to Family/Friends) and click on the blue UPLOAD button. Wait a few moments and your photo is uploaded. Don’t worry about resizing, creating a thumbnail – any of that stuff – flickr will do all the work for you.

Play and explore – it’s fun! Email me or leave a comment here if you have any questions when you try it out for yourself.

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