New Chapter in CSU/CU Rivalry


Today, the college football rivalry between the Colorado State Rams and the University of Colorado Buffaloes will take a new turn.

As a proud CSU Alumni, I am excited to see the Rams get back to beating up on the “big brother” from Boulder, after two years of near misses.

When your college freshman daughter chooses that “other school”, you try and look past it because you are proud of her accomplishments and the bright future that she has helped create for herself.

But, when she answers the phone the night before the first big game between our two schools:

“You’re going to be so sore after tomorrow’s butt whooping… you won’t be able to sit for three weeks!”

well, the gloves have to come off.

Okay, not really, but she obviously has picked up on the spirit of the rivalry, and for that I am excited. 🙂

So, the real reason I called her last night was to propose a “wager” for the game. The “wager” is based on one that has been going on for years between two good friends of mine – Dane Hansen and Scott Smith. It’s beauty is its simplicity. The loser of today’s college football game has to wear a garment from the other team’s school during gameday next year.

Now, Ashley’s so confident that she has not yet voiced the unfairness of the situation, at least for the next 3 years. You see, she’s on campus, so wearing the other team’s colors will be a bigger deal for her. No, she was more concerned last night with what my sweatshirt size is (XL) and when she was going to be able to go out and buy me one. Anyway, for my part, I’ll make sure that all of my CU Alumni friends (Chris Nicholl, Scott Smith, Jonesy, Ryan) are fully aware that I’m wearing their colors if CU happens to win one of the games over the next four years.

Of course, that won’t be during next year’s game. 🙂

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