It’s NBA Playoffs time!

My favorite NBA team, the Denver Nuggets is back in the playoffs for the fourth straight season, which is no small feat in the stacked Western Conference.

As the sixth seed, we are matched up with the mighty San Antonio Spurs, for the second time in the past two years. Last time, we bowed out after five games, winning the first in San Antonio, then losing four straight. The beauty of sports (to me at least) is that hope springs eternal, as each new season brings changes and new opportunity.

I truly believe that the Nuggets will create a different outcome this year, and upset one of the teams that is favored to win it all. With the addition of veteran and perennial All-Star Allen Iverson earlier this season, the Nuggets instantly upgraded their chances, but subtle changes like the rise of Nene, the addition of Steve Blake, the continued defensive force of Marcus Camby, and the maturing, unstoppable force that is Carmelo Anthony – I’ll say it once more – I BELIEVE!

So, you can probably tell I’m just a bit excited about Game #1, which is tonight, and starts in less than 3 hours from now. All I ask, is that even if you don’t plan to watch, you send out a little cheer, clap, whoop, holler…whatever feels best really, and then end it with a GO NUGGETS!

This fan appreciates your support! 🙂

If your interest is at all piqued now, head to for full playoffs coverage from this fan. If you would like to better study the foe, head to, a fellow fansite run by a great bunch of guys, even if we are foes for the next few weeks.

Mike from and I did a joint podcast this past week, breaking down the playoff series.

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