Father-Daughter Bowl #2 (CSU vs. CU)

This photo shows Ashley “settling up” for my winning bet from last year’s game.

Next year’s game will be a different story, and will show a different participant wearing a different color. CSU lost to CU in the 2007 Rocky Mtn Showdown after a FG in overtime ended a great game – 28-31. CSU outplayed their little brother in most aspects of the game, for most of the game, but as it has been settled by 3 out of the past 4 years, a late FG by the big brother wins it for the Buffs.

Tobey and I had a great time watching the game this year. He helped me cheer on the Rams in the 4th quarter and overtime, clutching my Cam the Ram stuffed animal and cheering on Papa’s team. When it ended with Papa yelling in agony, he asked me if I still loved him, so I quickly had to change gears and assure him that my intensity was all in good fun. I also let him know that I still loved Ashley just as much too – just not her football team. šŸ™‚

Ashley – I will be looking forward to next year’s game just as much… just not the clothes I will be wearing! Thanks again for taking the great pictures! You do look beautiful in Rams green!

CSU wins the first of the Father-Daughter Bowls
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