Ten Years

Celebrating 10 YearsCarrie and I celebrated ten years of marriage on April 24th, 2008. Carrie and I saying our “I do’s” in Estes Park in 1998 still seems like yesterday.  The memories, from the simplest shared moments to the grand and exciting adventures have been numerous, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. I look forward to the future with the same enthusiasm!

To celebrate we did two things – updated Carrie’s wedding ring, and planning a memorable trip. For the first part, we went to John Atencio and found a modern and beautiful new platinum setting, while keeping the original diamond that I picked out for Carrie ten years ago. I love that its both modern and ornate at the same time – and that it makes the original diamond look new thanks to the new angles that it exposes. There are some nice parallels there to real life, which I’ll explain further.

In the second part, we planned a trip to Grand Cayman. Huge thanks go to Mom and Dad and Karl and Amy, who both played intricate parts in us being able to go on such a great vacation. Notice that I don’t refer to the trip as a “second honeymoon” – Carrie and I actually attempted to do that about 4 years ago, and discovered that it really isn’t possible – there can only be one “honeymoon” and that’s as it should be. Anyway, with Mom and Dad watching Tobey for a week in Boulder, we were able to get away – thank you, thank you, thank you! Karl and Amy Lagler helped recommend the perfect place – both the island itself (having been there several times) and the location that turned out to be perfect in many ways. They passed on several other tips that made our stay in Grand Cayman relaxing, fun, and well, perfect! If anyone reading this is considering the Caribbean, I would highly recommend Grand Cayman for your destination – beautiful island and water, easy to get to from the US, and it’s people are friendly. Huge thanks to Karl and Amy for steering us right!

I put together a photo album on Flickr where you can see some of Grand Cayman thru our eyes:

10 Year Anniversary in Grand Cayman

If you go, don’t miss swimming with the stingrays – it’s a must-do experience!

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