Thanks for the memories, Marcus Camby

Marcus Camby at SixthMan Jam
Marcus, you'll be missed in Denver

It is sad day for Denver Nuggets fans. Marcus Camby, our starting center for the past 6 seasons, was traded this  week in a salary cutting move. Marcus was one of my favorite players – because of the kind of effort he brought to the basketball court and because he was the kind of guy who went out of his way to be a part of and give back in the Denver community.

As a longtime fan, I’ve been thru the two best stretches of Nuggets basketball in the past 15 seasons. One was when Laphonso Ellis, Robert Pack, and Dikembe Mutombo led the young Nuggets past the #1 seeded Sonics back in 1994. The other has been this exciting (and frustrating) run in 5 straight seasons of making the playoffs, only to lose in the first round each time. But, one of the common elements between those two periods was having a defensive center that could erase shots and grab rebounds to start the Nuggets fastbreak. Dikembe was that finger wagging guy in the 90’s, and Camby has been that same kind of guy for the Nuggets these past 6 years.

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Farewell to Marcus Camby

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