Tobey starts Kindergarten

Five years went oh-so-fast!
Five years went oh-so-fast!

On Monday, our five year old started Kindergarten at High Plains Elementary. Any parent knows this is a monumental occasion in a child’s life – there is only one first, first day of school. Only twelve years to go! πŸ™‚ Tobey was nervous leading up to the first day, but did great when the moment arrived. He found a friend in line that he knew from the summer and he was very happy. A quick wave goodbye and he was off and inside after the bell rang at 8:00. Carrie picked him up early at 3:30 and his description of the first day was “awesome”. He has kindergarten enrichment in the morning, then his official kindergarten class with Ms. Kimura goes from 11:30 – 2:30. After that he has “Growing to Greatness” the same program that he enjoyed this past summer. We try to pick him up no later than 4:30 each day – that’s already a long day for him!

More photos of Tobey’s first day

As for other school aged child (more like near-adult!) in the family, Ashley started her junior year up at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Kind of the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to school, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ We enjoyed seeing her new pad near the “Hill” this past weekend. I look forward to the third chapter in our annual “Father-Daughter” school rivalry when my CSU Rams play her CU Buffaloes this coming Sunday afternoon. I’ll be wearing a yellow CU shirt that she provided since my team lost last year. Ugh!

Ashleys Boulder apartment
Ashley's Boulder apartment
In front of Ashley's apartment

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