Father-Daughter Bowl #3 (CSU vs. CU)

Wearing Buffalo Yellow because the Rams lost in 2007
Wearing Buffalo Yellow because the Rams lost in 2007

It was an especially tough day today as a Rams fan.

First, I had to settle up for last year’s 28-31 loss to the CU Buffaloes in my annual bet with Ashley. See the picture of me wearing Buffs yellow during today’s game. Carrie uploaded more pictures to Flickr.

Then, to compound things, CSU lost badly today in the 2008 Rocky Mtn Showdown – 17-38. The first half was action packed and a back and forth battle. After no scoring in the first quarter, both teams cranked it up in the second quarter with CU scoring three times and CSU scoring twice, leaving the score 14-21 with CU up at the half. In the second half, the Rams continued to fight, but CU pulled away as they started to control the line of scrimmage, and their speed started to show up more and more in big plays.

From what I saw, CSU should have decent first season under new head coach Steve Fairchild, but the talent level difference between CU and CSU right now makes that matchup a tough one. For the first time in several years, it was not a close game. Congrats to Ashley and her team. Yes, I will again be wearing CU yellow during the game in 2009.

Go Rams!

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