IHOWTO #5: Leaving comments in style

You may have noticed that several of my blogs now have pictures showing up next to your entry, each time you leave a comment.

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment on one of my blogs. I love the comments because they provide feedback and interaction on something that takes a lot of time and energy and sometimes feels like a one-way street. I blog for myself first, mainly for the fact that I can record events and memories for prosperity and then share and refer to them at any time in the future. I also blog to share my thoughts and ideas, and hopefully help family, friends, or anyone that finds their way to one of my blogs gain some new tidbit of knowledge or pick up on a different way to do something or look at something. So, with all that said, any comment, no matter how short, or whether the person agrees or disagrees, can be very rewarding because you’ve inspired someone to pick up a keyboard and “write back”.

If you are going to go to that trouble, why not comment in style? Bonus points to anyone who has picked up on the fact that here at alanswitzer.com, and also at nuggetshoops.com. and ampedwebstandards.com, that you will see the same random or default photo next to your name each time you return and leave a comment.

But, did you ever wonder how you could have your own picture next to your comment like mine do?

The trick to having your own picture automatically appear is simple and free. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have a picture of yourself (or something to represent you) on your PC/Mac – a closeup works best.
  2. The picture beside my comments is called an “avatar” in the world of blogs. We’re going to use a free service called gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatars) to automatically “serve” our avatar when we leave a comment. Go to gravatar.com to read more and then sign up for a free account.
  3. Upload a picture or two. Add an email address – preferably one that you have already used when posting comments. Then associate a picture with your email address. I use a different picture on my Nuggets blog than I do on my personal blog, just for fun.
  4. That’s it! Be patient, because it can take a few hours for the gravatar service to display your new picture(s). Yes – it will show your picture on both old and new comments!If you have any questions about any of these steps, or it doesn’t work – leave a comment here and I’ll be happy to help!

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