Boys Weekend

This past weekend, Carrie flew down to the south-west corner of Colorado to hang out with her sister Amy, who was there visiting friends. Tobey and I had Saturday and Sunday to fend for ourselves. We decided to capture our weekend thru pictures so that we could share our weekend with Carrie when she returned. I’ll add a little detail and background story to those photos…

If you’d like to skip ahead to the photos, you can find there on Flickr.

We started off the weekend with our traditional trek to a very nearby McDonalds for breakfast and conversation. When we got home we received a call from our neighbor that she had to unexpectedly leave town and wondered if we could check in on her dog. We brought “Molly” over to our house for a majority of the day. Our next activity was to go out and search for leaves for one of Tobey’s school projects. We took the dogs with us, and found some great ones in our nearby greenbelt -plenty of shapes and colors to choose from with our unseasonably warm fall so far.

After some lunch and house projects, we grabbed our tennis gear and some snacks and headed to the nearby courts at Arapahoe Lakes. We had the four courts all to ourselves and played for about an hour. On the way home, we ran into Rob Campbell and his two sons – Aidan and Collin who were out in the front of their house skateboarding and riding bikes. We stopped to play and talk and ended up staying for several hours. Tobey had his first skateboarding experience and loved it, despite a bump on the head. Yes, I made the mistake of letting him lay on a board before getting back home to grab his helmet – won’t be making that mistake again! Tobey was having so much fun though, that he didn’t let the bump spoil his fun in the slightest. Even after the helmet was on, a knee scrape or two and running over his fingers once went completely unnoticed. The Campbell’s graciously invited us over for a quick dinner, which we happily accepted. With the Nuggets home opener starting at 7:00, we ended up missing much of the first quarter, but I got over it. (Tobey didn’t mind because it meant extra time playing with Aidan and Collin)

At the Nuggets game we watched an entertaining contest, but the Nuggets eventually
fell to the LA Lakers – 97-104.

Me, Tobey, and Tobey's 2 pals
Myself, Tobey and Tobey's 2 new friends

There were two young men sitting next to us and Tobey proceeded to chat them up the entire game. I asked both several times if Tobey was distracting them from the game too much, but both said no and genuinely seemed to enjoy bantering with Tobey. They even participated when Tobey tried to start the wave in our section. I’ve added a picture of them here from the Flickr photoset. Tobey enjoyed himself so much that we ended up staying for the entire game… a first for for him after many games where we lasted until halftime or the end of the 3rd quarter at the latest. He was quite proud of the fact that it was the “latest he had ever stayed up”.

On Sunday it was another unseasonably warm today so we donned shorts and headed outside. The Becker kids were outside next door – Jacob, Claire and Erin so Tobey played with them. They came over and helped Tobey and I rake leaves in the back yard, and also helped as we took down all of our outdoor Halloween decorations. We did our annual picture with the big leaf pile, even though there are still a ton of leaves left to fall. Looking back at past pictures, this year’s Fall is definitely running late due to the warm weather. Looks like it might be getting cold here in Denver again towards the end of the week. Tobey professed after jumping in the leaf pile that he’s not sure he’ll do it next year – “it’s too itchy!”. Well, yeah, but its so worth it! 🙂

For lunch we went out for pizza at Abo’s. Great NY-style pizza along with a few arcade games in the back make it one of our favorite places to go. On Sunday afternoon we watched the Broncos play the Dolphins (or, more aptly – The Jay Cutler Interception Show) and worked on house chores to get ready for Mama’s return on Sunday evening. Tobey was great for me all weekend, and hopefully I’ve conveyed that we enjoyed our time together.

Enough reading here’s the slideshow: (Updated!)

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