Quantum of Solace Review

Carrie and I saw the new Bond film – Quantum of Solace, last night. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s my quick review:

A Bond film unlike any other in the series. You’ll read many reviews that say it’s not as good as Casino Royale, but Carrie and I thought it was better. It starts right where Casino Royale leaves off, and takes you on an action filled, but complex story that is deep, rich in storytelling texture, and fun.

We took in the movie at a fairly new theatre – Landmark Theatre Greenwood Village, which has special VIP seating. For $3 more a ticket, you get all the popcorn and soda you can ingest, sit in a special section with more comfortable and roomy seating, and can order food and have it delivered to your seat before the show starts. Hey – if you don’t go out to the movies very often any more, but really want to do it right, this is the way to go! It’s actually not that much more than a regular movie theatre experience. See if Landmark has a theatre near you – its a fun experience.

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