Father/Son Movie – “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008)

For my Dad’s birthday, I took him to go see the SciFi remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. This was also our 6th annual Father/Son movie, where we choose a movie the rest of the family isn’t into seeing (typically SciFi!) and make it an event. The event itself is bigger than the movie, because we also use it as an opportunity to catch up and talk about a wide variety of topics. We even bring lists of dicsussion items! It makes good sense for it to be a one on one event, because anyone else would be quite bored.  🙂

On to the movie and review! (minimal plot spoilers) We both went into it with very low expectations. The reviews had not been good, and we could see that the number of theatres showing the movie were quickly dwindling. It had already been relegated to a fairly small theatre at the downtown Denver multiplex, and the number of the people in our showing was also quite small.

Surprise! We both came away enjoying the movie. First of all, Keanu Reeves was perfectly cast in his role as Klaatu the alien. Keanu does very well in roles that require little emotion (i.e. the Matrix series) and this role was just that.  Jennifer Connelly was also great in her role as Dr. Helen Benson, as the main point of contact for humanity with Klaatu. The plot of the movie is simple – humanity is destroying the planet Earth, and a representative from a group of alien races has been taking notes on us as a society. The final report is being delivered to Klaatu, who will then handle the verdict of what to do. Apparently the Earth is one of only a few viable life-sustaining planets in the universe and its too valuable to let us humans just destroy it. Dr. Benson becomes instrumental in pleading our side of the story before this verdict is delivered. The original movie was made in 1951 so this version obviously takes the time to do a major upgrade on the special effects, which are quite stunning. The plot is very simple and has few twists, but it can still be a fun ride. If you miss it in the theatres, its at least worth putting on your NetFlix rotation or picking up at RedBox.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

A simple Sci-Fi about the fate of the Earth if humans don’t change their ways

My rating: 3.5 stars

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