BolderBoulder 2009

The 31st annual running of the BolderBoulder 10K over Memorial Day weekend was one of my favorites in the last decade.

First, it was a great day for running – nice and cool, but not raining at 7:15 in the morning when my wave went off.

Two, I got to run alongside my sister Amy for a majority of the race, which was a total blast. We were both in shape enough that we literally used the first few miles to catch up on life while maintaining a fairly healthy clip.

Third, it was my best timed 10K race in exactly 10 years, and having it coincide with my recent 40th birthday made it all the sweeter.

Without further ado, my time was 48:37. I’ve blogged my last 8 races here, so you can see for yourself that I somehow have managed to get faster with age! Hmmm, maybe actually getting back in the gym again over the last year was the real reason. 🙂

The plan next year is to walk the 10K with Tobey for his first time – looking forward to that!

Here’s the 2009 BolderBoulder Participants, from left-right: Mom, Dad, me, Amy, Brian

2009 BoulderBoulder Crew

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