Boys Weekend II

In late July, Carrie went back to Michigan to visit her family over a long weekend, while Tobey and I stayed behind in Englewood. Carrie flew out Thursday night and returned Monday night, so this was a little longer time away than Boys Weekend I. She had a great time and you can see her Flickr photoalbum here.

I’ll admit that I’ve been jealous of Carrie’s extra “fun” time with Tobey this summer between her working part time, or more recently, being in-between jobs as she starts a new consulting job with Comcast in early August. So, a weekend to just spend time with Tobey was both something to look forward to and a way to make up for some of that jealousy.

Thursday night started out with a quick trip to Anthony’s Pizza for dinner and then a trip to the pool around 7PM to close it out at the 7:45PM adult swim. The pool closes at 8PM. Tobey loves the diving board now that he got over that fear so we spent most of our time jumping into the deep end.

Friday meant work for me and G2G for Tobey but I worked thru lunch so I could pick up Tobey as early as possible. We headed to McDonald’s for dinner (I grilled brats for me) and picked up two RedBox DVD’s that I had reserved online – a new SpongeBob release and Inkheart. We were quickly disappointed with the SpongeBob video as Tobey had already seen every episode on it, even though it had been advertised as having a new episode on it. Must have meant a “recently aired” new episode. We switched to Inkheart, which looks promising but I fell asleep on the couch thanks to being up til 4AM the night before working on Online birthday cards and other side projects. Tobey noticed I fell asleep and got me going again. We decided to head outside and do some scootering, and take Twizzler for a walk. It was still quite warm outside as it had been in the 90’s that afternoon. I longingly wished I could have taken the day off and taken Tobey to Water World on a perfect day. I prayed that Saturday would bring more sunshine than the Denver weatherpeople were predicting.

Saturday morning was a bit of sleeping in as Tobey and I had both been up late the night before. We started off the day slowly and poked our heads outside on the back porch to confirm that it was indeed much cooler than the day before. We looked at some short video clips on Tobey’s computer about the many rides at Water World – including the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” – more on this ride later. We took a few pictures of our ongoing Lego Mindstorms Robotics project to send to Gramps. Finally, we decided to head out and have breakfast somewhere and run a few quick errands. I have loved the weekend breakfast tradition for the past year+ with Tobey, but lately his interest in it has waned quite a bit. He’s realized we can do a lot of the same things that we used to do at breakfast (play DS Lite together, chat) just as easily at home. Since he’s not really that into breakfast and currently has little sense of adventure in trying new foods, the allure of going out to a restaurant just isn’t that strong – even going to McDonald’s since there are very few things on their breakfast menu he currently enjoys. We tried to go to a nearby cafe that we had tried once before, but it had already gone out of business. So, we ended up at a Del Taco where I got coffee and a breakfast burrito. Papa was happy. For fun, we staged a Pokemon cards battle (our highly modified version of it) at the table in the restaurant. After quick trips to nearby Bellco, the Post Office, and Target (efficient errand running – my favorite) we ended up back at home. At this point, it was just after 11AM. We continued to check out weather reports, and with the temperate creeping up towards 80, we decided to “go for it” in regards to Water World.

Once we decided to go, it was scramble time. Packed a cooler with snacks and drinks, find our cameras, get our swim suits on and get on the road! As we were singing to a CD on our way up north, I realized I forgot one important thing for a swimming outing – towels! Doh! So, we stopped off on the way at a Sporting Goods store near Water World, which, being stocked with hunting and camping supplies had zero towels, and then the Soundtrack next door, for no reason other than we got distracted. At this point though, I realized if we waited about 50 minutes, we’d save $30-$40 on our admission tickets. With the weather still being quite iffy, I pushed for this, and Tobey agreed. We watched a bit of Blue Man Group, Bolt, and a few other movies on huge Blu-Ray setups for a bit and then finally headed out. A Walgreens stop finally granted us our quest for a beach towel, and we headed inside for the afternoon session at Water World. The weather held on just long enough for us to enjoy a trip or two around the lazy river, a few raft/tube rides, and some time in the wave pool. We stared at two of the cool, but slightly scary rides – Voyage to the Center of the Earth and Storm, but decided to pass on both… “til next year”. When we got home we were reminded that the neighbors were having a get-together so we headed out to that, where Tobey enjoyed a little time with neighborhood kids and I re-familiarized myself with adult conversation.

Sunday morning was a little warmer (of course!) and a very nice day. We decided to go play a little tennis. Tobey has been taking tennis lessons this summer and has really found a love for it. (Yeah!) He’s also getting quite good… so we had a blast playing for a bit, with freshly opened tennis balls. Mmm, love that smell right out of the can. There’s no other smell in the world quite like it… and its not really a good smell, but I think its the fun tennis memories that come flooding back each time I smell it. All too soon, it was time to head home, clean up and go to a Colorado Rockies baseball game. We were joining one of my co-worker’s and his son for a Boy Scouts sponsored outing against the San Francisco Giants. Our seats were in the lower foul ball area off of first-base, so we brought our gloves, sunscreen, and ballcaps. One foul ball landed a section over from us, and a souvenir Rockies jersey landed in the row right in front of us, but no other close calls. The game was great, and the Rockies won so we all left the stadium happy.

Since it was a 1:00 game, we got out of Coors Field before 4:00, and still had time to pick off one more item from a “things to do” list. So we stopped by Dave and Buster’s for dinner and some gaming. Tobey likes collecting the tickets for prizes so we played mostly games of chance. We did have a fun car-race or two, and I noticed Tobey’s get big enough and coordinated enough to drive his own arcade car, and steer it on his own. We stopped gaming long enough to grab a bite to eat, and Tobey declared D&B’s has the best linguine noodles in Denver. After dinner, Tobey made the tough but excellent choice to save his tickets for a bigger prize down the road, and we headed home. A perfect ending to a fun-packed few days.

If you made it this far, thanks for joining me on a rather descriptive trip thru our Boys weekend. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and it inspires you to savor those special moments with your children, friends, or loved ones, next time you get the opportunity!

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