Father-Daughter Bowl #4 (CSU vs. CU)

For the final Father-Daughter Bowl in Ashley’s time at CU Boulder, it was time to see a game in person. Of course, I had to choose the one year it was hosted at Folsom Field in Boulder, rather than the more neutral confines of Invesco Field in Denver. Carrie and I thought we might be able to meet Ashley at the game, but that didn’t work out… so there we were on a beautiful, warm, early Fall evening… deep in enemy territory.

I had major trepidations heading into this game. CU had won the past two games against us, and were quite convincing about it in 2008. I heard story after story from friends and coworkers about how rowdy the fans were at these games, so I decided at the last minute to shun my CSU colors and wear a less conspicuous brown shirt. Let’s just say I regretted that as soon as I saw all the current CSU students strutting around the stadium before the game, and even more so as the game progressed.

The game started off quickly with CSU jumping out to an early 17-0 lead. The CU fans, who were out in full force and mostly dressed in yellow, were quiet most of the first half. CU threatened a bit early in the 2nd half and the CU fans were finally heard a bit. Halftime was eventful with a teenaged streaker running thru the entire CSU marching band before getting tackled in the endzone by security. The CSU defense held on in the 2nd half, and the final score was Rams 23 – Buffaloes 17. The CSU fans stormed the field as Carrie and I headed for the exit. I couldn’t get rid of the grin on my face until well into the evening.

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Here’s my payment for last year’s loss, taken before the game:

For Ashley

Is this the final year for the Father-Daughter Bowl? I hope not… seems like we could continue on as we both will be proud Alums‚ in the very near future.

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