Twizzler celebrates 12 years

Looking good, birthday girl!

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Our family’s faithful and loving Chocolate Labrador turned 12 this past Sunday, or roughly 84 in human years. When that monumental occasion occurs you try and create a special day for her!

Twizzler’s special day was spent in Boulder with Grammy and Gramps since Carrie, Tobey and I were in town for the CSU/CU game the night before. (YEAH RAMS!) After breakfast we headed to Rock Park with Twizzler and the whole crew. If you know Labs, you know that they are most happy when *everyone* goes together and is in one place, so they don’t have to worry or run back and forth between a split up group. After a bit of fresh air and exercise, we headed back home. Twizzler rested while we were at the pool. The topper was when Tobey and I ran some afternoon errands and he reminded me that we were supposed to pick-up a McDonald’s hamburger for Twizzler. She woofed it down in two large bites – yum! I think she had a great day.

On a very sad note, Carrie’s sister and brother-in-law (Amy & Karl) had their Black Labrador “Happy” pass away in the afternoon. Happy – may you rest in peace, and Twizzler will come find you to run with someday in doggie heaven!

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