Resolutions for 2010

It’s that time of year again! I typically end up carrying over a few resolutions from the previous year, so I’ll start by reviewing how I did last year.

  • Read more
    I did not do well at all on this one. With Tobey reading more now, I had a few successes – like finishing a book while we vacationed in Florida this past October, and Tobey had the reading fever – tearing thru the entire “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. Still, I need to do a better job of creating family reading time on the weekends, and also take time out of my night work schedule to read – both technical books to hone my web development craft and pleasure books.
  • Continue to exercise
    Not bad at all. Ran 67 miles according to my Nike+ stats, which is great compared to some previous years in my 30’s when my only training run for the Bolder Boulder was the previous year. Speaking of Bolder Boulder runs, had my best time in 10 years by running a 48:37 in the annual ritual 10K. Towards the end of the year I had a lot of DNE (Did Not Exercise) or one and done’s so there’s still room for improvement here in 2010. I’m aiming to average going to the gym or running twice a week.
  • Make time to be creative
    I feel like I did an excellent job of this in 2009, making time to create some fun little projects like: Biggest Loser Family Challenge, Tiger Den Cub Scouts Website (password protected – just ask if you are interested in seeing it), new personal Sitemap, Grandma Switzer’s 90th Birthday Card, Aunt JoAnn’s Birthday2009 Holiday Card, a page that displays what I’m listening to on my iPod, and a few more still in the works.
  • Spend more fun time with family
    This one was pretty easy – Tobey is at a really fun age right now and we can play video games, build legos or shoot baskets in the driveway at any time. Ashley and I enjoy having a passion for movies and Sci-Fi in common. Carrie and I put a high priority on family time and spending time together also. Grammy and Gramps usually have Tobey time once a month and we also have a few great babysitters.
  • Minimalize
    Eeek – not good. I did do some of this, but I still think I brought in more than I got rid of. That’s not progress. The main focus is to work on de-cluttering the basement so I can have a more creative work environment, and not live in fear of collapsing the bottom portion of the house. 🙂 I did make some late 2009 progress by getting rid of about 60% of my DVD cases since I am moving towards digitizing my entire library and keeping the disks themselves as backups in a few large CD/DVD holders. I need to come up with a more efficient way of dealing with the paper though. Might be worth investing in a better scanner and using Evernote more. This overall effort will definitely continue in 2010!

Finally, a few new Resolutions:

  • Blog more often
    I’m sure a lot of long-time bloggers have found themself blogging less in the last year or two. Why? Services like Facebook and Twitter make it much quicker and easier to post your thoughts and status. Still, blogging serves a different purpose and enjoy looking back on the history of it to stop writing it now. A compromise of shorter posts (but longer than a 140 character Tweet!) might be a compromise that will help me succeed in this resolution.
  • Communicate more often with my extended family
    I had some success with this in 2009 – starting up a private family Twitter group with my sister, Mom, and Dad has been great, but I would still like to do better at this – reaching out to my two awesome Grandmothers in Redstone and Salina, and my various cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Facebook and Flickr and email make it easy, so I have no excuse to not at least check in more often.

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