Kid Birthdays!

Both of our children celebrated birthday in the past couple of weeks!

Ashley turned 23 back on the 24th, and we were able to celebrate with her and her fiancée at a nice brunch at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen a few weekends ago. Here’s a picture of lovely Ashley from the get-together:

Ashley Katelely


Tobey turned 8 years old yesterday!

Tobey had a fun birthday morning opening presents from family. We then went to our favorite local Donuts shop (Donut Maker in Greenwood Village) and picked up 30 donuts for Tobey to share with his class and teacher at High Plains. After school Tobey played with some of his new gifts and then we went to a Den Meeting for Cub Scouts where his Wolf den sang to him. Tobey also received many calls from out-of-town relatives wishing him a Happy Birthday. This weekend he has a few friends spending the night on Friday and then a larger group of friends and classmates meeting up at Jump Street for a party. Here’s a picture of Tobey on the morning of his birthday:

Tobey turned 8

So Happy Birthday to both of my awesome children. The two of you enrich my life in more ways than you will ever know, and I am deeply proud of both of you!

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