Father/Son Movie “Cowboys & Aliens” (2011)

With Carrie and Tobey away in Michigan visiting family, my Dad and I decided to go catch a Sci-Fi movie at the Continental as the latest chapter in our annual Father/Son movie outing. I was anxious to put the previous year’s pick behind me and this seemed like a pretty safe bet that both of us were excited to check out.

Here’s my quick review of the movie:

Not nearly as witty as the world of Joss Whedon’s Firefly that you might relate this to, but still, a good time at the cinema. More action and less clever dialogue than I had hoped for. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were both great in their roles, even though they weren’t given a lot to work with from the script.

Looking forward to next year or the next outing! In a few more years, or with a less “intense” SciFi pick, Tobey will be able to add a new generation to this fun tradition…

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