Guys Sci-Fi Movie Night – “Battleship” (2012)

The 10th annual Father/Son movie outing has been officially renamed to “Guys Sci-Fi Movie Night! Always a fun and memorable event, this has become just as much about the conversation after the movie, as the movie itself, so picking a top-notch Sci-Fi movie isn’t always the primary requirement. For this year’s event, we picked “Battleship“. A short, hopefully spoiler-free review in a few moments.

We had started planning this outing months ago, and saw titles like Mission Impossible, Battleship, Batman, and Prometheus as upcoming options. The criteria is mainly something that our better halves would not be interested in seeing in the theater, which not all of these quite met.  We settled in on Battleship, knowing it would not be the best of movies, but should at least be of higher quality than “Skyline”, which we saw together in 2010. I shudder just thinking about how bad *that* movie was. 🙂

So, a quick review of the movie, and recap of the evening:

Battleship is a movie about less-than-friendly Aliens visiting Earth, and how we fight them off, specifically with the Navy. This movie is exactly what I thought it would be, and unfortunately not much more. It’s loud, with plenty of explosions and action, and the special effects are top notch. Several reviews I have read equate it to “Transformers 4” and that’s a very apt way to describe this movie. As you may have heard, it is truly based on the old Hasbro board game… “You sunk my Battleship!” that you might remember playing as a kid. The way they tie into that old grid based game is actually pretty clever, but its a fairly thin thread to base a movie and plotline on. The acting and dialog are subpar, but again no surprise when one of your lead characters is the Pop Singer Rihanna. She’s not bad, but the Director didn’t feel like giving her much more than one-liners to spew out. Someone actually took the time to write them all done – which is a humorous quick read. The lead actor is Taylor Kitsch, who is now unfortunately associated with two of the biggest box office failures of 2012. Yes, I’m going to go ahead and call Battleship a box office failure after only one weekend. It was beat out by the much more clever Avengers, which continues to pile up huge box office revenue, and with Men In Black III coming out this Memorial Day weekend, Battleship will quickly fade to black. Or red, depending on your perspective. 🙂

After the movie, we only had a short time for discussion and beverages, but we agreed the movie was fun (and very loud!) and we enjoyed our pick. If only Prometheus had come out a little sooner… that looks like it could be quite good!

Soon enough, another generation will be added to this annual outing, for as long as we don’t pick something in the “Sci-Fi Horror” genre, Tobey could join us for a weekend or summer outing in the next year or so! A few more years down the road… so could Jason Smaling!

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