2012 BolderBoulder 10K – Running again!

After two years of walking the Bolder Boulder (2010 and 2011) with Tobey and my Pops, it was time to run again. Tobey has been steadily improving his running pace this spring, setting new personal bests for the mile (8:33) and a 5K (26:10) Β in the month preceding the Bolder Boulder. So, going into the weeks before the event, we had agreed to at the very least alternate running and walking miles over the course of the 6.2 miles.

After Tobey bested his 5K time by nearly 10 minutes, I knew he might be up for running more, but we just decided to see how the race unfolded. Unfortunately, it meant leaving or other running partner of the past two years behind after only a few hundred yards. Of that, we were both sad. My strategy in running with Tobey this year has been simple:

  • Run well, but run to have fun first
  • Push a little, but definitely not a lot
  • Educate on pacing and technique a little during running
  • Joke around a bit to enjoy ourselves during the run
I like to think this has worked out fairly well so far in 2012. Tobey is an absolute joy to run with already at the age of 9. He totally gets pacing himself, and he already has a fairly effortless stride and technique. I still love to run at the age of 43, and I hope I’ve set him up to do the same – whether he decides to compete a bit in the future (i.e. joining the High School Cross Country team) or just run fun events like the Bolder Boulder or Fans on the Field for fun or to stay in shape… it’s up to him.

Tobey and I ran a 1:04:10 in the 2012 Bolder Boulder. It easily goes down in the memory banks as one of my favorite BB’s, along with the very first I ran with my Dad in 1983, and a couple I ran with my sister in the early 2000’s where we paced each other. I asked Tobey late in this years race if he wanted to increase the pace to finish in under an hour. He said “no big deal” so we maintained the same approach, even though Tobey did give a mighty kick that nearly lost me inside Folsom Field over the last 1/4 mile. πŸ™‚ We were both very happy with the time, and Tobey proudly posed for this awesome photo (or, view an even cooler version of it on Instagram) a few minutes after we had crossed the finish line. One of the better photos I’ve ever taken, I have to say! πŸ™‚


Tobey after 2012 Bolder Boulder
Tobey stands proud after finishing a great Bolder Boulder 10K

As for that sub 60 minute 10K – watch out next year, Bolder Boulder!

Tobey’s Official Bolder Boulder Results

My Official Bolder Boulder Results


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