Resolutions for 2013

The New Year is upon us – 2013 is here!

After a bout of the flu that started New Years Eve and ran thru the whole family, its time to get started with a fresh outlook (and a new WordPress theme for my blog!) and review last years resolutions a bit.

I feel like 2012 had better balance, with more focus on family and friends. At times though, I started to take on too much client work, so I still feel I need to keep reducing this in 2013. As for honing my skills – I’m now getting to do that on a weekly basis at my new job, which is great.

Now, onto the 2013 resolutions:

  1. Make good health choices

    An important repeat, now listed #1. I was able to get my cholesterol lowered, but still continue to refine my diet to help this cause. In 2012, I ran nearly 200 miles, up from 140 in 2011. Many of these miles were with my awesome running partner, Tobey and we had a blast at a mixture of serious and fun runs in the summer and early Fall. In 2013, I plan to run over 200 miles!

  2. Less DecaTech client work

    I have several ongoing or new personal projects that I would love to have more time to spend on. Less DecaTech client work is the best way to make more time in my schedule. My goal in 2013 – don’t take on *any* new client work, but support our existing clients as needed.

  3. Organize my work area in the basement

    Some progress towards the end of the year! Still lots more to do. This effort continues in 2013, and whatever I do, don’t take any steps backward and bring on the clutter again.

  4. Simplify life

    A new resolution, but kind of a catch-all. Keep balanced, focus on my family, and reduce clutter and un-necessary distractions. Focus on the here and now and enjoy life.

There we go, out in the open to be judged and hold myself accountable. Bring on 2013, and may it be a great year for all my family and friends!

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