Three Years of Magness Adventure Camp

Tobey and I at Magness
Our last Magness Adventure Camp!

Sometimes it is fun to take a look back.

With our 3rd and final trip to Magness Adventure Camp for Cub Scouts (Tobey will be a Boy Scout next summer!) you can literally watch Tobey growing up from the ages of 8-10. We had great experiences each time we went, with varying activities and memories from each trip.

What is Magness, you ask? Magness is a 2 night, 2+ day of camping and activities for Cub Scouts. Each year was a little different for us. The main activities available to the scouts are archery, bb-guns, sling-shots, tomahawks, crafts, an obstacle course, boating, swimming, orienteering and more. Each summer the camp’s directors design a theme that ties the whole weekend together. Our themes were Medieval Times (2011), Aliens (2012), and Time Travel (2013). The first year we had two nights in army tents with lots of activities. The second year we spent our 2nd night on the Mesa in our own tent, which we had set up during a rainstorm. This year we spent most of our first day across the road at a Boy Scout camp called Camp Cris Dobbins to get a preview of what camp might be like next year if Tobey participates as a Boy Scout.

Overall, it was great bonding time with Tobey, and I think he is close to being ready to move forward as a Boy Scout with some decent experiences of how to camp and take care of himself out in nature.

Now, go back in time with these 3 slideshows, starting with 2011:

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Lastly, here was 2013:

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