Resolutions for 2014

We ushered in 2014 up in Dillon, Colorado and enjoyed a great day of skiing at A-Basin and watching Michigan State win the Rose Bowl. What a great way to start a new year! I like to try and make a few resolutions so that I can hold myself accountable – and hopefully become a better person, husband, and father in the process.

First, its good to reflect back on the resolutions for 2013. With 4 resolutions around health, client work, clutter, and simplification, I kept it pretty basic. For health, client work, and simplification I had rousing successes on each (more below). It definitely helped my life balance to eliminate nearly all of my on-the-side client work. My job and family keep me busy enough and deserve most of my time first. Honestly, the side stuff just wasn’t much fun and became harder to justify losing sleep over. Besides, I have plenty of my own “stuff” that I’d prefer to spend my remaining time on –, this personal blog, my tech blog, NoBigDiff Sports Pool, and more. Organizing my work area in the basement continues to be my biggest struggle when it comes to being successful with my resolutions. On to 2014!

  1. Continue to make healthy lifestyle choices
    In January of 2013, I tested my Cholesterol and TSH levels and was at my best levels in 15 years of testing. I attribute much of that success to getting my TSH level down from a high of 18.6 in 2011, but I also worked hard to eat right and get lots of exercise. I didn’t make my goal of 200 miles, but +150 is not too shabby! A few highlights were running a sub-60 Bolder Boulder for the first time with Tobey in May and running the Color Run in Indiana with my niece Kaelina and brother-in-law Brian.

    In 2014 I’d like to get back to or closer to my levels at the beginning of 2013, and run at least 150-175+ miles again. With my current job, I have the ability to go for lunch hour runs when the weather is decent – just need to fight to break away from the desk! Tobey continues to be an awesome running partner – getting me out, running fun 5K’s with me thru-out the summer – just generally motivating me to keep in shape so I can keep up with him! 🙂

  2. Create!Now that I have successfully weaned myself off most DecaTech client work, it’s time to put my night routine towards some constructive and possibly rewarding projects in 2014. Some specific ideas:
    • Make NoBigDiffPool ready for prime time!
    • Mobile app, and Tobey has expressed an interest in helping him bring a game idea he has to life also
    • Pebble Watch app
  3. Organize my work area in the basement
    Seriously, how did I not put a better dent in this last year? Every time I take a few steps forward I seem to even more easily take a few steps back. Need to try some different tactics  – look towards for inspirations and helpful tips!
  4. Start my novel
    Every November I get involved with NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month… but I rarely get past the first few words. It’s time to take my short story “My Fair Maiden” and turn it into a real novel.
  5. More quality time with my Wife
    A new resolution and easily the most important on this list. We make lots of great time for family and friends and spend lots of time together, but I will create more time and events for Carrie and I to enjoy together in 2014! Getting back to meeting each other for lunch more often will be a good start. 🙂

So there we go. Plenty of areas to focus on for 2014 and a few solid concrete goals mixed in as well instead of just the normal self improvement stuff. I’m looking forward to a great year!

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