Father/Son Sci-Fi Movie Night – “Interstellar” (2014)

The twelfth annual movie outing took place on a late, very cold and snowy night this past week. But the roads were clear enough, and the theater was warm, so Father and son were happy:
Back in May, this was our list of upcoming SciFi movies to choose from:

Interstellar was an excellent choice for 2014, but it ended up being our default due to my family moving (more on that in an upcoming post!) in June/July, not quite being able to work out our schedule in August with Tobey starting middle school, and the Jupiter Ascending movie getting delayed to 2015.

Once we knew that Interstellar was our last chance for a great SciFi flick for this year, we decided to do it up right. More than an hour of the film is shot via 70mm IMAX format and we are fortunate to live near one  of the few IMAX theaters in the country that had the movie in that format – the UA Colorado Center theater by Dave & Busters. The movie looked beautiful in that expansive and unique format. It was unfortunate that the theaters audio system was not quite up to par, as some popping and cracking speakers behind us were a little distracting at times. Hans Zimmer’s amazing soundtrack, which is a huge part of the movie surely did not disappoint though.

Interstellar was a movie shrouded in mystery, with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as its two big stars. How often lately do we not already know most of what a movie is about these days from catching its trailer? Not so with Interstellar. Christopher Nolan is the director (famous for the recent Batman films and Inception) and the man loves his cerebral stories that twist and turn in a non-linear fashion. There’s a pretty huge movie star that gets limited billing in his crucial role in the film that I won’t mention here. The movie builds and builds to a crescendo just like its soundtrack does and delivers a pretty amazing moment after the lengthy setup. Still, the movie had its flaws also and was far from perfect. I’m still trying to decide if its re-watchable enough to purchase on Blu-ray. Probably, so that I can share it with Tobey and Carrie at some point if they are interested.

So, all in all, one of our best outings yet. Although I tried to deliver a quick and impartial review of Interstellar, its sometimes hard to separate the overall experience from the movie itself. Hanging out with my Dad for a few hours is always a good time. Even the year we went and saw one of the worst SciFi movies we’ve ever seen, I still had a great time overall despite the movie. 🙂

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