Have a Very Pentatonix Christmas!

You may have already heard of Pentatonix – a 5 person A Capella group that has skyrocketed to stardom the past few years after winning a reality TV show in 2011, with a Grammy in 2015, appearances on all the major music awards shows in the past two years – including a Star Wars Tribute at the AMAs!

If you haven’t already heard of them, spend a holiday evening discovering them via these videos. I promise you that the hour or so you spend will leave you wanting more. Nearly every single video below has already been watched 10 million times or more, so you may just wonder how you hadn’t heard of them sooner!

Let’s start with a very recent creation- a modern spin on a classic:

This new adapation literally just came out. You will quickly find out that PTX’s re-imaginings of classic or even recent songs usually feel like a whole new song:

This intimate moment feels like a live concert:

Hauntingly beautiful:

Fun video and both Mitch (high note!) and Avi (low-low notes) nail their parts :

Just try to snap along:

A mash-up that will put a smile on your face:

An original Pentatonix song:

Saving the absolute best for last:


I have loved great vocals and A Capella since as long as I can remember. I can thank an old Canadian group called The Nylons for helping me court my wife Carrie – our first date in 1992 was a concert at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Denver. My family watched PTX win the Sing-Off on NBC in 2011 and have been following them ever since on YouTube and seeing them in concert twice the past two summers.

Merry Christmas! Now go share this with a few friends or loved ones!

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