Training for the Bolder Boulder 10K – Week 5

Week 5 = Leap Year Week! I added tracking to the vitals section to compare against the previous week. Coincidence that all categories were increases over the previous week? Probably not, but a very nice week overall for sure. 🙂

Next week I’m going to start talking about goals for my 30th overall Bolder Boulder 10K race this May.

Vitals for the week, 2/29/16 — 3/6/16*:

Age 46
Avg Weight  178.2 lb
Weight Change: -0.1 lb
Overall Steps 75,215 (+1424)
Total Floors Climbed: 230 (+34)
 Total Steps Distance:  38.35 miles (+3.92)
Avg Sleep Duration: 4 hrs 2 min (+0:04)

Another nice save for the week with 2 runs in a row to finish the week off strong on Saturday-Sunday. Had my best outdoor run so far with my wife pacing me on a bike out in Cherry Creek Reservoir. Tobey resisted running with me this week but I’ll hope to get him back out there again this next week.

Training runs for the week, 2/29/16 — 3/6/16*:

Total Distance 9.3 miles
Duration: 1:17:03
Average Pace: 8:16


When: Mar 6, 2016
Where: Outdoor run in Greenwood Village
Pace: 8:44
Duration:  26:26
Distance:  3.0 miles
When: Mar 5, 2016
Where: Indoor Treadmill at Trails Rec Center
Pace: 8:09
Duration:  25:17
Distance:  3.1 miles
When: Feb 29, 2016
Where: Indoor Treadmill at Trails Rec Center
Pace: 7:55
Duration:  25:21
Distance:  3.2 miles

Data Sources for Vitals and training runs: Fitbit, Nike+

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