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Finally, a whole new look for my website. I've been working on this off and on for the past year. When you run a web design and hosting business full time, it's amazing how hard it is to find time to work on your own website. I wanted to create something fun, that shows some of the fun things you can do with a personal website, and at the same time, make it easier than before to update it and keep family and friends apprised on what is happening with the Twizzler's - Alan, Carrie, Ashley, and our dog Twizzler. (Yes, she inherited the family nickname)

The new weblog feature on the homepage should help with making it easy to read the latest highlights at a glance. If you've never heard of a weblog before, check out Greymatter, which is where I started with the one I use on this site. I highly recommend them as an easy and convenient way to update a website, as you can use it anywhere in the world without the need for any actual software. No, it won't put DecaTech out of business, but it is a great way to keep some of your content current on your website! I'm about to set up one for Amy & Brian so they can update their Peace Corps site while they travel after they finish up their duty in November, 2002.

As of this writing, there are a couple of big things happening at the Twizzler's household. First, Ashley started High School this year at Cherry Creek. I grew up "disliking" that school, coming from Fairview in Boulder, but now I'm a fan, because Ashley is there. Second, Twizzler, our namesake chocolate labrador turned five years old on September 7th. Wish her a happy birthday when you see her next! Third, and definitely not least, Carrie and I have been blessed with a future addition to the family and we are expecting on April 5th. It's still early, so keep us in your prayers and thoughts. Ashley has been so much fun to raise, watch grow up, and be around that we just couldn't stand the thought of an empty nest in another 4 years!

Hope all is well with each of you,


PS If you can't find something you are looking for on this site, feel free to send me an email via the link below!


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