The Switzer 2010 Holiday Newsletter

Welcome! Our 8th annual holiday newsletter is our way to update all of you on the year that was, for the Switzer (or Twizzler) family!

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Ashley and Nick

Ashley has had a memorable year - turning 22 in March, graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder with honors and a double major in Economics & History in May, finding her first post-graduation job with Charles Schwab, and lastly (and most excitingly) getting engaged to her boyfriend Nick Pfeifer! Nick is a graduate of Colorado State and a Greenwood Village police officer.

Photo albums with Ashley:


is our 7 year old 2nd grader. He attends High Plains Elementary and then gets picked up by his Mama most days of the week thanks to her new part-time schedule in 2010. (More on that later) Big accomplishments for the year were learning how to enjoy his bike, improving his downhill skiing skills, becoming a Wolf Cub Scout, running his first two road races - the Bolder Boulder 10K & the Fans on the Field 5K, and attending a basketball skills clinic. Tobey loves to play video games on his iPod Touch (which he saved up for all summer and bought himself), or on his computer, and loves to build Legos. Tobey's best friends are: TJ, Ian, Cooper, Alex.

Weblog entries involving Tobey in the past year:


is our 13 year old chocolate labrador retriever. She likes to take "the liberties" that she feels should be bestowed upon a dog of "her age" now and climbs up on a few couches that were previously off limits to her. Twizzler moves a little slower these days, but still enjoys her daily walk, and appreciates a good peanut butter sandwhich... well, any time one is offered.

It's easy to see why Twizzler shares our family nickname - she is a major part of the heart and soul of our family, and our appreciation and love for her knows no bounds - we could not ask for a better, more loyal dog, to watch over the rest of us.

Carrie and Alan

Looking back on 2010, we had some memorable trips and an epic house remodeling project. In fact, we were busy enough that I had a tough year keeping up with my blog! So, until I do, take a look at the photo galleries:

Carrie continues to work as a consultant at Comcast, and she was again extended halfway into 2011. She was able to go part-time in September, allowing her to pick up Tobey right after school most days. In the early Fall, after several years of dreaming and planning, Carrie initiated are biggest remodeling project in our house to date - a project that expanded from the Kitchen to our living room and family room also. After several busy months it was finished right before the holidays, and we are very happy with the result! See a few of Carrie's photos of the project. Carrie ran her first 5K with Tobey and I in October, and her boys were very proud of her!

Carrie and Alan... continued

I'm closing in on my 3rd year at ProBuild, happy to have survived another round of recent layoffs in a tough housing market. The trip to Indiana to see my sister and her family, and a trip to North Carolina to see long-time friends Dane & Alice were truly memorable and fun. Florida in late July gave us an opportunity to experience the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal and do some bathroom remodeling at our condo in Cocoa Beach - a warm-up for what was to come back in Englewood!

I'm on my second year as Tobey's Den Leader in Cub Scouts, and very much enjoying it. I still have great memories of Cub Scouts from my childhood, and its fun to see Tobey creating some of those for himself, firsthand. Volunteering at the school teaching math a couple of times a month keeps me on my toes, and keeping up with DecaTech client work keeps me busy til the wee hours most nights, but I love it!

Happy Holidays!

If you made it this far into the newsletter, thanks for taking the time to read a few of the stories and view a few of the pictures that made up 2010. We hope this finds you well, and that all of you have a very happy 2011!

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