Switzer 2013 Holiday Newsletter is nearly ready!

Ashley & Nick

Ashley and Nick...


Note: Tobey wrote his section this year himself as part of a school project.
I started 5th grade at High Plains - his last year there and has Mrs. Borchert for his home room teacher. I finished up five years of perfect attendance in Cub Scouts. The Arrow of Light is something that I am close to finishing which means I will be a Boy Scout soon. Also, I did Destination Imagination with some of my schoolmates. In the summer, I flew to Indiana and ran a 5K Color Run with my cousin. A lot happened to me over the last year and it was an awesome year.


Truffle made a new friend named Brandon, from Growing to Greatness. She learned how to walk with a promise collar we bought for her. The leash helps train her not to pull. Now, with a little training, she is not jumping on people as much. Truffle will turn two on New Year's Eve!

Carrie & Alan

Carrie & Alan...