The Switzer 2003 Holiday Newsletter

We hope this online newsletter finds each and every one of you well. Below you will find a quick summary of 2003 for each of our family members.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season,

The Twizzlers

Ashley is our 15 year old Cherry Creek High School Sophomore.

This past summer Ashley had her first job as a life guard at the local neighborhood swimming pool. She had to go thru life guard training first in order to be able to apply for the job. With only a few job openings, Ashley was accepted as a part-time life guard. Because she was consistently available, even at the last minute, she ended up getting good hours and great experience. She has enjoyed the new concept of "having spending money", but also continues to be a good saver.

Ashley recently made the JV swim team and has participated in two meets already. She's usually a part of relay teams - often swimming freestyle. Ashley enjoys movies (like LOTR and Pirates of the Carribean), her friends, skiing, IM, burning mix CD's, and fashion design, but not necessarily in that order. There are two big events coming up for Ashley in 2004 - her sweet 16, and her driver's license.

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Tobey is our 8 month old active baby boy.

As many of you know, Tobey was born this past year on April 6th. He is the second grandchild on my side of the family, and one of seven great-grandchildren. He has already been well travelled - enjoying several visits from Celine (Carrie's Mom), visits from his Grammy and Gramps (Alan's Mom & Dad), a visit to Michigan to meet his co-godparents Karl & Amy, along with Michael and Carrie's grandfather William (who at 99 is the oldest of his relatives), Amy & Brian - his other co-godparents, his great-grandparents in Redstone, and his other great grandparents at the Switzer reunion this summer. He even made it to Cocoa Beach in October, with our friends the Lockwoods, to feel the grains of sand and Atlantic Ocean under his feet.

It has been fun to watch Tobey's physical progress grow in leaps and bounds this past month. He can now crawl around with great dexterity, is just starting to pull himself up, and has shown an affinity for anything electronic - wonder were he gets that from? By next year, we will have a toddler walking around here in Englewood!

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Twizzler is our faithful 6 year old Chocolate Labrador.

This past year, she had to adjust to the fact that she is no longer the "baby" of the family. She realized quickly that as long as she could still get a walk each day, that life was good. Often, Carrie and I will take both Twiz and Tobey for an afternoon stroll. Other than stepping deftly around a now-crawling Tobey, Twizzler's day is still mainly filled with chasing squirrels, sleeping, and cleaning up Cheerios from the floor.

Twizzler's Birthday

2003 was an exciting year for Carrie and Alan.

We feel blessed to have added Tobey to our family this year. Words don't do justice, but we can say that he has been every bit as fun as it has been to raise Ashley. Carrie and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in April, and 5 years in business together with DecaTech.

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