The Switzer 2005 Holiday Newsletter

We hope this online newsletter finds each and every one of you well. May your holidays be a time of happiness spent with family, loved ones, and happy memories.

Wishing you a fun and safe holiday season,

The Twizzlers

Ashley is our 17 year old Cherry Creek High School Senior.

Ashley will be heading to college next year, and has chosen to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder. Ashley's boyfriend Jordan, is a Sophomore there. Ashley is considering Economics, Fashion Design, or Architecture as her major. She will be rooming with her long-time friend Britt.

After three years of swimming at Creek, Ashley recently made the JV1 team and just had her first meet. She continues to get great grades and is taking quite a few AP classes in her final year. She also worked again at the local pool as a lifeguard, for the third summer in a row.

Here are a few links to weblog entries or photos of Ashley in the past year:

Decorating Gingerbread cookies at Thanksgiving

Nuggets Game (meet Jordan)

Happy 17th Birthday

Tobey is our 2 and a half year old active toddler.

As I'm always telling him, our youngest member of the family "gets bigger every day". The holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and upcoming Christmas) have been re-energized in our family this year thanks to Tobey and his first-time understanding of them. Highlights for Tobey this year have been great progress in his vocabulary, potty training, learning to catch a ball, sleeping in a big-boy bed, and traveling to both coasts - San Diego in October, and Cocoa Beach in December. It's a daily adventure - and a lot of fun. Tobey's favorite playtime activity most days involves trains - usually "Thomas and Friends".

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NBA All-Star Weekend

Happy 2nd Birthday

Denver Auto Show

Denver Zoo

Twizzler is our faithful 8 year old Chocolate Labrador.

Life remains simple and easy for Twizzler - feed her (as much and as often as possible) and take her for a walk once a day, and she's happy and content. As she gets older, she has decided that she now owns a piece of the various couches and beds thru-out the house.


Looking back on 2005 for Carrie and Alan includes many great events and trips.

Carrie and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in April, and 7 years in business together with our web design/hosting company - DecaTech Solutions.

For the first time in 7 or so years, Carrie found herself back in an office, working. It was a challenge and adjustment at first, but she's enjoyed getting out of the house and interacting more with collegues. She started a 3 month contract in May at a local firm called Red Hawk, and now 7 months later - she's still there and going strong. She just completed a huge project that she's been working on for the majority of this span.

When Quovadx told Alan late last year that he would be going away on business for 3-4 months, he scrambled to find a new job so that he wouldn't have to be away from his family. He found a great position with Strategic Computing, and has been doing contracting at a nearby firm called NetRegulus for the past 12 months. The work is challenging, he enjoys his co-workers, and the 5 minutes commute is definitely a plus.

In October, Grandpa Switzer passed away. Alan felt very fortunate to have just been with him and Grandma weeks before at their home in Concordia, Kansas. He is remembered thru his memorial webpage.

A few highlights/trips from the year in our family weblog:

Viva Las Anniversary

Father's Day

San Diego in October

Florida/Cocoa Beach in December